This Is Why HBCU’s Need To Support PCPC HBCU Solar Initiative

Economic Development

North Carolina has the high-tech workforce, diversified economy, and supportive business climate your company is looking for. Whether your company is expanding, relocating, or just getting started, the Center is here to help.  The Center breaks down barriers for clean energy businesses who want to locate and grow in NC. Annually, our organization works with nearly 300 businesses on industry development projects.

Our Economic Development team is ready to help you start, locate, or expand your clean energy business in North Carolina. Our main services include:


Renewable Energy Financial Modeling

The Economic Development staff  can help your business understand the core policy and tax frameworks to facilitate the decision-making and planning practices behind clean energy installations. Our modeling tools and expert assistance will allow you to accurately generate a financial evaluation of your renewable energy project.

Contact Henry Tsai to learn more about these services.


Industrial Recruitment Support and Advising

Thinking about relocating to North Carolina? The Center routinely connects prospective  clean technology companies interested in North Carolina with established state firms and organizations. We can put you in the right room with the right people to give your company a head start.

Contact Isaac Panzarella to learn more about these services.


Workforce Development

Does your company need a trained workforce in North Carolina?    The Center offers courses and diplomas in solar, wind, building technologies along with renewable energy management certificates.

Contact Lyra Rakusin for more information about our training programs or clickhere.