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Whive IO, is an open-source blockchain protocol that extends the Bitcoin blockchain through enabling Trustless Rewards for Engineering Sustainable Solutions.

The past decade has seen the adoption of Bitcoin increasing exponentially globally. In Africa, Nigeria has become a World leader in peer-to-peer Bitcoin Transactions moving millions of dollars on an annual basis. Over the past 5 years BitHub Africa a Blockchain Accelerator based in Nairobi, Kenya has been driving adoption of this DISRUPTIVE …

Melanin Solar enables communities to produce their own solar energy for consumption and sell excess energy through a peer-to-peer model to under-served neighbors.

This will enable the deployment and distribution of efficient solar micro-grid eco-systems across Africa.

We are doing this by building out Africa’s distributed solar energy infrastructure which includes a set of tools, protocols and applications.

At the same time through our Academy we intend to reduce the huge shortage of engineers; who can be leveraged to develop, deploy and maintain our solution across Africa which has a high pool of potential talent with its huge youthful population.


Whive IO, is an open-source blockchain protocol that extends the Bitcoin blockchain through enabling Trustless Rewards for Engineering Sustainable Solutions.

Building on the success of Bitcoin the World’s most secure blockchain, the Whive community has set out to build a cryptographically secure blockchain protocol and Auxiliary Chain(AuxChain) that shall allow for building applications that trustlessly reward sustainable solutions.

The Whive Protocol is built with game-theory that rewards machines operating in regions in the World with high solar reliability indices(SRIs)!

Thus, the protocol shall incentivize engineers in the developing World to contribute to developing sustainable solutions to challenges facing their community using the following Engineering disciplines:

  • Network Engineering

  • Software Engineering

  • Protocol Engineering

The Whive protocol shall be supported by a suite of software tools built to incentivize multiple third-party individuals and institutions to collaborate together to execute and achieve this vision.

The Whive protocol is designed to unlock the potential of sustainable resources such as Solar Energy by enabling a distributed economy that is interoperable with the mainstream economy.

The Whive Protocol is being built, tested and deployed by a community of individuals and organizations around the World.


Introducing the Whive Protocol

Whive, is an open source & peer-to-peer blockchain protocol that is incentivizing the building of sustainable distributed solar energy solutions through Trustless Rewards

The Problem

The solar energy market is under developed and has a potential market capitalization of more than $10 Trillion globally

Enabling Cost Competitive Solar

The Whive protocol seeks to empower energy poor communities to actualize this potential by using Blockchain based tokenization and distributed computing to trustlessly reward Solar Energy adoption

Efficient ARM Focused CPU Mining

The Whive protocol’s mining is biased towards smaller mobile computing devices built on the ARM architecture to encourage fast & sustainable growth of the solar energy sector

20 Year PoW Mining Schedule

Mining of Whive Rewards ends in the year 2040 ensuring maximum distribution of solar micro-grid ecosystems across the World

Bitcoin Fork & Auxiliary Chain

18,500,000+ Whive Rewards can be claimed by Bitcoiners hodling 1 or more bitcoins starting February 2021, learn more at

Rewarding Solar Energy Adoption

The protocol ensures that engineering machine-based distributed solar energy solutions using blockchain is highly rewarded algorithmically without human intervention

Transparent & Accountable

Transactions are recorded immutably on a transparent & public Blockchain accessible in real-time on the explorer linked below

Launched 02-02-2020




Open Source Protocol (MIT License) & Bitcoin Fork

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