Published:U.S._Department_of_Education: June 28,2018

The National Museum of American History (NMAH) provides experiential learning internships in a variety of fields (i.e., public relations, exhibition research, and project design).  Interns learn from knowledgeable mentors and are exposed to enrichment activities ranging from behind-the-scenes collection tours, career readiness workshops, director’s talks, and field trips. The deadline for submitting applications is July 1, 2018 for both summer and fall internships.

There are currently four different programs to select from in the Smithsonian Online Academic Appointment system (SOLAA)

  1. NMAH Development Internship (External Affairs) Program – For more information click on:
  2. NMAH Special Events Internship (External Affairs) Program – For more information click on:
  3. NMAH Office of Communications & Marketing Program – For more information click on:
  4. NMAH Internship Program –  This selection is for all other internship projects outside of External Affairs and Communications & Marketing (i.e., Curatorial Projects; Archives Center; Conservation; Public Programs – Daily Programs, Programs in African American History, Programs in Latino History; Graphic Production; Exhibition Design and more!).

The central Smithsonian Office of Fellowships and Internships ( has paid internship opportunities that students can apply to and receive funding while being placed with a project at the NMAH.

A few of those programs are listed, below:

If HBCUs are interested in organizing an informational session with the NMAH, please contact:

The White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities