In 2018, we will host our first in-person summit in Atlanta, GA!
We are keeping our online summit but adding an option to learn (in-person) the skills needed to contribute/support our sovereign spaces.
Mark your calendars because in 2019, we will head to Costa Rica to host our summit  and in 2020, we will host in Ghana, West Africa and give strength to two sovereign communities.


Join us in Atlanta for 3-days of workshops OR tune in online for 5-days of best practices and how-to information as we explore practical ways to incorporate sustainability into our daily lives, homes and communities.

Sustainable Community Solutions Network and the Afrikan Community Sustainability Collective welcome you on your journey to self-sufficiency. This October, we will present the third annual (virtual AND in-person) Sustainability Summit focused on serving members of the Afrikan diaspora and connecting thought leaders.

In-person sessions will consist of 3-days hands on training in Atlanta, GA and build the skill sets attendees need for development in tropical climates, particularly on the land in Costa Rica and Ghana, where upcoming summits will be hosted. In-person workshops will cover sustainable home building, agricultural/food system development, family governance, cooperatives, and holistic health/nutrition.

Five days of online sessions are built around the most pressing issues in the Black community and will feature virtual workshops by those who are doing the work across the globe.

Online video presentations will include:

Sustainable Food Production                                      Traditional Afrikan Languages

Alternative Energy                                                        Water Purification and Irrigation

Eco Friendly Building Practices                                  Food Preservation

Community Development                                            Survival/Preparedness/Protection

Current Sustainable Communities

Join us in Atlanta or online and become an integral component of this his