Reverend Al Sharpton's Video
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Utility Dive 
The Biden administration releases $7.5 billion plan to install half a million EV chargers. #ElectricCar
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DeMatha Basketball
Game Day vs @smrboysbball
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RT @FERC: ⚡️NEW! @FERC@NARUC Joint Task Force on #Transmission announces Second Meeting for 2/16/22 ⚡️. Check here
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ENERGY Press Staff 
.@ENERGY @USDOT🤝Access to EV’s for every community across the nation…
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Don Lemon 
My dearest @ananavarro, my heart is broken over the loss of your mother. I know it’s been excruciating that you’ve been unable to see her in Nicaragua because they jail journalists & truth tellers there. Awful. We’re holding you in our hearts. We love you. Rest In Peace Mamí 🙏🏾
Don Lemon's Photo
Don Lemon's Photo
Don Lemon's Photo
Don Lemon's Photo
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