Author: Tom Steyer   Published: 12/9/2019      TOM 20/20

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I use the term “climate justice” a lot, Ronald, and I wanted to take a moment to tell you why.
Climate justice acknowledges that the people hit first and worst by the climate crisis are not the ones causing it. The worst of America’s pollution has been placed disproportionately by the fossil fuel industry into communities of color.
Big corporations continue to treat low-income communities, communities of color, and vulnerable rural communities as dumping grounds for their environmental waste for greater profit — and they’ve been allowed to get away with it.
American land-use and environmental policies have historically been intentionally racist and discriminatory, and continue to result in environmental and health inequity. Add your name if you agree that justice needs to be front and center as we work toward a sustainable future.
Climate change directly affects so many of the other challenges we face as a country. Our access to health care, affordable housing, and job opportunities are changing with our environment. For many, coping with those changes puts them at a serious disadvantage.
Regardless of who you’re voting for, you’re living on this planet and you’re going to feel the effects of the climate crisis. And if we’re going to address this crisis and create a healthy country, we have to start by recognizing that it’s hurting low-income communities and communities of color more than others.
Climate justice is central to my strategy to preserve our planet, address historic inequities, and grow our economy in a way that serves the American people instead of corporations. Read more about why I advocate for climate justice here, and join the conversation.
Yours in the fight,

On day one as president, Tom will declare the climate crisis a national emergency. This means he will take immediate action to tackle the climate crisis and begin investing in local community plans to address the issue.