Author: Ronald Bethea                   Published 4,2019

 Renewable Energy Corporation

The renewable energy industry may be one of the biggest vertical markets in the world today with revenues reaching the billions each year. Christopher Gay is the founder and chief executive officer of Renewable Energy Corporation whose extensive high-tech experience encompasses over two decades. A veteran of technology, with resume entries with companies like America Online- during its infancy and NASA, he served as part of a team which was elemental to the success of Toyota North America in conjunction with IBM regarding advanced projects with the goal of reducing the production time of a manufactured vehicle.   His experience also includes advanced video conferencing and data communications for corporate facilities and infrastructures.

In order to venture further into the renewable energy industries and help propel the state of Kentucky to the forefront, Renewable Energy  Corporation as a premier private entity has the ability to take the reins in a capital intensive industry, and still flourish and maintain a high success rating of single-handedly accommodating the 25% goal of the 25/25 initiative.  This helps the state research and utilize its resources in other technologies and future solutions.