Our Story

Dr. Lilia A. Abron, the CEO/President and Founder of PEER Consultants, P.C. (PEER) is a trailblazer, a History Maker™, an entrepreneur. She is the first African-American woman in the nation to earn a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and the first African-American to start an engineering consulting firm focused on the environment and its environmental issues. She was also one of the first professionals in the field to suggest and demonstrate that sustainability initiatives can rapidly advance the condition of the impoverished sector worldwide. Remarkable achievements all on their own, they have collectively shaped the unique company PEER is today — a steward of the environment that continually promotes collaboration, builds a sense of community through its work and strives to create a better planet for present and future generations.

Since 1978, we’ve focused on delivering transformative, sustainable, and appropriate solutions to today’s challenging environmental problems — using a personalized approach each and every time. Every day we are realizing our vision as a prosperous and productive environmental company that exceeds the expectations of our clients and employees, while delivering high-quality services that enhance the natural and built environments.

PEER, a full-service environmental engineering consulting firm, provides personalized service to our valuable clients, fosters and maintains long-term partnerships, and hires passionate and diverse team members. We remain true to who we are—environmental stewards—always looking out for the best interest of both the natural and built environments.

As PEER celebrates its 39th year in business, we are proud of how much we have grown and matured, starting with just 3 employees in 1978, growing to more than 100 engineers, scientists, planners, technicians and administrative professionals in 6 offices nationwide and 2 international offices in South Africa today.


Host By: Ronald Bethea

Guest: 11:00  am – 11:30 am est.: Lilia A. Abron, Ph.D.,P.E. BCEE : Topic of Discussion

1. What or the negative  economic impacts  do you see on raising Alternative Compliance Fees on Pepco rate payers in DC B22-904, The Clean Energy DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018?

2. What issues would you like to provide some night on concerning DC Solar For All Program?

3. As the only African American grantee solicited by DOEE for fiscal year 17-18,what are your concerns and issues with DCSEU about the proposal point system. That provides and unfair advantage over DC non  based solar development firms over DC based solar development firms?

4. What economic impact do you think attaching the PACE programs for DC residential home owners in DC as a amendment to bill B 22-904?

5. Would you support a amendment requiring a 35% set aside of all the revenues collected for Green Bank of DC have to be with a African American on Bank in Washington DC to finance minority contractors.