Author: Allen Burriss          Published: 3/9/2020                Earth’s Natural Force

About ENF :

About Earth’s Natural Force

 The mission of Earth’s Natural Force (ENF) is to reach and teach our youth, at a very young age, about their responsibility to care for and protect the environment. Our goal is to heighten the consciousness of young people to take care of their neighborhoods, schools and communities.

We will accomplish the above objectives by encouraging our youth to stop littering, recycle trash and give them a clear understanding of how their positive actions can maintain and even improve their communities. We will also teach them how these good practices can positively affect their health and that of their fellow “Earth-Mates”. It is clear that our youth are the next line of defense against negative environmental changes, therefore, it is our goal to teach young people between the ages of 5-12, step-by-step approaches to maintaining clean neighborhoods, promoting clean air and water, and sharing the principles of collective participation with their schoolmates, friends and family.

We want our young people to understand they can be a force for good and they have the power to save the planet by being responsible citizens of the Earth. They are “Earth’s Natural Force!” Earth’s Natural Force (ENF) is dedicated to ensuring our youth are given every opportunity to thrive in their neighborhoods and communities, develop good habits that will help them maintain healthy bodies and minds and show them how their actions – or lack thereof – can positively or negatively affect their environment and those who share it with them.