Author: AEUW Staff    Published: 3/30/2023    Advance Energy United Weekly

Advanced Energy United Weekly

Policy Update

New Analysis Shows Florida Could Save $277 Million With a ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ Approach to Vehicle Procurement

A new report by Advanced Energy United and Electrification Coalition shows that Florida could save $277 million by considering the total cost of ownership when making vehicle purchase decisions. This report, produced in partnership with Atlas Public Policy, emphasizes how an electric fleet is more cost-effective for the state due to lower lifetime maintenance expenses. Continue reading the press release here.>

Coalition Letter on Permitting ReformAdvanced Energy United joined a diverse group of organizations and trade associations, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), in calling on Congress to enact meaningful and durable reform to the country’s permitting processes. The joint letter identifies predictability, transparency, stakeholder input, and efficiency as key principles in the legislation we are calling for. The letter also highlights major benefits such as more and better infrastructure, new energy developments, closing the digital divide, repairing water systems, strengthening national security and more. Continue reading the letter on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce website here.>

In the News

Illinois Needs More Oversight of Natural Gas Utilities New  Chicago_Sun-Times_(2019-08-02)In a letter to the editor of the Chicago Sun-Times, United’s Principal Samarth Medakkar wrote, “Recently, Gov. J.B. Pritzker wrote an opinion piece on the need for legislation that would make natural gas utilities more accountable to Illinoisans by increasing oversight of their spending on financially risky infrastructure projects. He’s right. For too long, gas utility system investments have been left entirely up to the gas utilities themselves, which have strong financial incentives to grow indefinitely. This means spending billions and billions of customers’ dollars — via some of the highest fixed charges on our monthly bills in the country — on pipelines that might soon be made obsolete because of high-performing, high-efficiency electric appliances for home and water heating.” Continue reading the LTE on the Chicago Sun-Times here.>

Surge of Clean Energy Manufacturing Projects in Texas, U.S.  houston chronicle

Texas-based companies are turning towards advanced energy alternatives more quickly after the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act. The state’s spread of wind and solar farms along with low cost of development are attracting more clean energy projects than ever before. However, the majority of solar panels and wind turbines are still manufactured outside of the U.S., and Advanced Energy United would like to see domestic supply chains developed while still allowing many clean energy projects to source from overseas. “We have to balance a desire to see more manufacturing with some realism,” said Advanced Energy United Managing Director Harry Godfrey. “Giving a little breathing room to help industry meet these new standards, they’re not going to stop building factories. Everyone knows the writing on the wall.” Continue reading the article on The Houston Chronicle here.>

Industry Events

EEE PES Grid Edge Technologies Conference & Exposition, April 10-13 The new IEEE PES Grid Edge Technologies Conference and Exposition will serve as a critical collaborative forum, bringing together a variety of organizations, including utilities, municipalities, big tech, policy makers, startups, and more, dedicated to delivering enhanced productivity, efficiency, and interoperability to the grid. Register before March 13th for discounted rates. Register here.>

11th Annual Michigan Energy Innovators Conference, April 26 

The 11th Annual Michigan Energy Innovators Conference offers attendees the chance to network, discover new developments in advanced energy, and gain an overview of current political trends. The conference will feature networking opportunities, presentations from energy experts, several break-out panels with dozens of expert panelists. Leaders in Michigan’s advanced energy sector will come together at the annual Michigan Energy Innovators Conference to discuss the work they’ve done so far and the crucial work that will be done in the future. Register for the event here.>

AABE National Conference, May 2

Over 650 energy professionals have access to an influential forum at the AABE National Conference. This event seeks to provide a forum for energy professionals develop partnerships, offer networking opportunities, and establish connections. The conference is known for its innovative programming, engaging speakers, and diverse line up of presenters and panelists. Register here.>

Large Scale Solar USA, May 3-4

The Large Scale Solar USA Summit will convene industry leaders for an all-encompassing range of sessions including future outlook, growth and scale management, financing, extreme weather and risk, storage, the implications of the IRA and more. Delivering key insights, developing partnerships, and opening dialogues around solar are all focuses of the event. Don’t miss the array of expert speakers, panelists and presenters at the event! Register for the event here.>