Empower DC:  Tuesday, May 22.2018

Did you know that the CRIAC (Clean Rivers Impervious Areas Charge) fee has increased 2,000% over the past few years?  Now, some churches are being forced to pay $2,000/month for this fee alone! Cemeteries have been charged as much as $19,000/month! Homeowners are seeing over $60 per month for this fee alone. Failure to pay water bills can cause foreclosure of your property. Many churches and homeowners are at risk.

Why is this fee so high? Because the DC government is failing to pay the bill for this massive $2.7 billion DC Water infrastructure project – leaving ratepayers to foot the bill. We are seeking 40 million dollars from the city in the DC budget to pay down the expense, leaving less of the burden distributed to the rate payers.

Excessive water bills are threatening our homes, churches, seniors, and all others who may be struggling to live in the city. Several clergy disrupted the DC Council hearing on May 15th in protest of these fees, and this hearing has been scheduled as a result. Please help us send a strong message with your presence! The time is now!