Author: Stacy Mitchell       Published: 6/30/2023      IRSL


Amazon’s Tight Grip on Cloud Computing Poses Multiple Threats

JUNE 29, 2023

Cloud computing services are the backbone of the modern economy. The world’s biggest companies, including banks, hospitals, media outlets, and more, and countless local and federal government agencies, all store troves of data in the cloud and rely on cloud services to operate.

In a letter to the Federal Trade Commission, ILSR warned that control over cloud computing is dangerously concentrated. Amazon Web Services (AWS), controls more than 40 percent of global cloud services. As ILSR details in the letter, AWS has leveraged its dominance in cloud computing to lock customers into its platform, preference its own cloud-based products and services, shut out rival software developers, and glean data and market insights that give it an unfair advantage in other industries.

The letter urges the FTC to use its authority to open the market to needed competition.

Read a summary of our concerns and the full comment letter here.


FTC Acts on Prime Lock-In

JUNE 21, 2023

Last week, the Federal Trade Commission sued Amazon for enrolling shoppers in its Prime program without their consent and making it hard to cancel. In a statement, Stacy Mitchell said, “The Amazon Prime lawsuit strikes at a key linchpin in Amazon’s monopolization strategy. Research shows Prime members default to shopping on Amazon. By duping people into signing up for Prime, and blocking the exits when they try to cancel, Amazon has sought to maintain its position as a gatekeeper for online shopping. We applaud the FTC for taking this step.” Read the statement here




  • Walmart has swindled another town. As part of a development deal, with subsidies, Walmart agreed to a $4.5M tax valuation of its store. It later appealed the valuation to a state tax board, which halved it. This forced the town to pay Walmart $1.2M.