How long could it take to reverse the damage Scott Pruitt — President Trump’s EPA Administrator — is doing to America’s most groundbreaking clean air and climate protections?

According to Carol Browner — who ran the EPA from 1993 to 2001 — it could take “20 to 30 years.”

We can’t afford to sit idly by and let this happen.

Take action today, and demand Scott Pruitt be removed from office — before it’s too late.

Carol Browner was referring specifically to the Clean Power Plan — America’s first-ever national limits on the dangerous carbon pollution spewing from our fossil fuel-fired power plants.

Not only will these crucial safeguards cut climate pollution and jump start America’s clean energy economy, they’ll provide up to $54 billion in public health and climate benefits while preventing 90,000 childhood asthma attacks and up to 3,600 premature deaths.

But Pruitt is putting all of that at risk.

The Clean Power Plan was born out of policy analysis that started in the mid-1990s, when the Clinton administration drafted a memo that argued greenhouse gas pollution should be regulated under the Clean Air Act. That memo led to the Bush Administration writing what became known as the Endangerment Finding, which outlined that greenhouse gases pose a threat to public health and require EPA regulation.

In 2009, the Obama Administration began drafting the Clean Power Plan. Scott Pruitt — then Attorney General of Oklahoma — promptly sued to block it.

Now, he has proposed rolling back the Clean Power Plan entirely — literally scrapping decades of work.

We can’t afford to watch Pruitt repeatedly put polluter interests above public health. Take action today, and tell Trump and Congress: It’s time to send Pruitt packing.

Thank you for standing with us,

Heather Shelby
Action Network Manager