Author:          Published:  11/20/2019


Welcome to THE community where EV Drivers help EV Drivers!

What you can do?

  • Reserve a charger from one of the thousands (growing) ampUp hosts
  • Instantly find available and compatible public chargers
  • Navigate to the charger
  • Plan your road trip
  • Share your charger
  • Set your sharing schedule
  • Set your price


  • Multiple networks
    And we are adding more! Contact us for partnerships/collaborations.
  • Compatible chargers
    Filter settings automatically adjusted to show only chargers compatible with your car.
  • Advanced filtering
    Use our “Filters” feature to find the charging speed/type that you’re looking for!
  • Reserve a charger
    Take out the anxiety by reserving your spot!
    Navigate to your charger straight from the app!

Become A Host

  • Hosting multiple chargers.
  • Setting up a sharing schedule –
    make it different schedule on
    weekdays vs weekends.
  • Setting up an hourly price
    Ex: $3/hr with 3 hours rented everyday could yield $200 in monthly profit, or $300/month if you have solar.
  • Withdraw funds to your bank account
    or favorite charity/orgnatization.

Join the community now!

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