Thu, Nov 30, 2017

The National Science Foundation launched the Historically Black Colleges and Universities – Excellence in Research Program (HBCU-EIR) as a track within the new HBCU-UP Solicitation NSF 18-522. In response to the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2017, this is a high priority program for the Agency. It will provide strategic opportunities for HBCUs to stimulate further research and strengthen research capacity.

HBCU institutions, on behalf of principal investigators (PIs) who must be full-time faculty members at an HBCU, are eligible to submit the following proposals as part of the HBCU Excellence in Research Program:
a) Collaborative research projects of up to $1 million that are expected to build and support the development of research capacity at HBCUs. Projects must have a research focus in one of the research areas supported by NSF, and a direct connection to the long-term plans of the host department(s) and the institutional mission. Proposers are encouraged to establish a research collaboration with one or more additional HBCU partner institutions to work with faculty and to build and expand research capacity.
b) Research projects of up to $500,000 to support research by individual PIs. The project should help to further the PI’s research, to improve research capacity at the institution, and to involve students in research experiences. Collaborations are encouraged.

For further information, please go to the above linked document. Of course, HBCU-UP still supports STEM research and education at HBCUs through the existing funding opportunities, including Broadening Participation Research Centers, Implementation Projects, Targeted Infusion Projects, Research Initiation Awards and Broadening Participation Research Projects.