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Are Renewables+Storage ‘Hybrids’ the Future of Power Generation? 

Recorded on Thursday, August 20th

HybridPowerPlant Webinar

Across the United States, developers are seizing the opportunity to combine advanced generation technologies like solar and wind with energy storage into a single “hybrid” power plant. Hybrids have the potential to bring many benefits to consumers and our power system, including increased efficiency, flexibility, and reliability. A recent FERC technical conference focused on issues related to hybrid resources, and across the country, RTOs/ISOs are looking at how grid planning, operations, interconnection practices, and wholesale energy market rules need to change to capture the value of these resources. Our panel of grid operators, project developers, and hybrid power plant experts discussed the changing resource landscape, ongoing regulatory efforts to incorporate hybrid resources, and what is still needed to allow hybrids to reach their full market potential.

  • Mark Ahlstrom, VP, Renewable Energy Policy, NextEra Energy Resources & NextEra Analytic
  • Kenneth Ragsdale, P.E., Principal, Market Design and Analysis, ERCOT
  • Kelli Joseph, Director, Markets and Regulatory Policy, Clearway
  • Deb Le Vine, Director, Infrastructure Contracts and Management, California ISO
  • Betsy Beck, Director, Organized Markets, Enel North America
  • Caitlin Marquis, Director, Advanced Energy Economy

Hear our grid experts discuss Renewables+Storage ‘Hybrids!’

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