Author: Talib I. Karim       Published June 24, 2019

STEM4US! recently testified on the value of boosting cybersecurity training to protect the local power grid. The comments were made at a Town Hall meeting convened by the District of Columbia Public Service Commission.  STEM4USoffered its recommendations on the Modernization of the District’s Energy Delivery System for Increased Sustainability (MEDSIS).

In addition, STEM4US!’s CEO Talib Karim urged the Commission to act boldly to protect historically disadvantaged communities in the District of Columbia. Specifically, STEM4USproposed the adoption of the “Marion Barry Rule for Energy Modernization.” This initiative would guarantee that  DC low-income residents, currently being threatened by gentrification, are given 50% of jobs and contracts from all grid modernization projects.

STEM4US! Calls on DC Public Schools Chancellor to Elevate not Eliminate the Post of STEM Education Director: ACT NOW!

STEM4US! has learned that DC Public Schools intends to eliminate the Position of Deputy Head of STEM Education. Currently, this is the position that leads all STEM education programming for both public school students and teachers in the district.

We believe this is a mistake.

Many school districts around the nation, such as Baltimore Public Schools, are expanding their investments in STEM. This move by DCPS appears to be a step in the wrong direction.

The current head of DCPS STEM education is Kim Cherry, who also serves on the STEM4US! Board of Directors. Over the past years, Kim has ensured that teachers and students have benefitted from our annual STEM festival and other programs. In addition, she and her team have produced stellar professional development training for local STEM educators. Kim is an exceptional educator and administrator and a strong ally for expanding STEM education opportunities to people of color and women.

Contact DCPS Chancellor Lewis Ferebee and urge that the Director of STEM Education be elevated to an assistant Chancellor or Superintendent level position. Further, recommend that he retain Kim Cherry, an exceptional STEM educator and adminstrator, in this post. You can reach Chancellor Ferebee at (202) 442-5885, tweet @dcpublicschools and/or email