Author: Washington Informer Staff    Published: 7/26/2022           WIN

Bowser Announces DC Government Job Fair: On the Spot Hiring August 11-12

With almost 1,000 job vacancies needing to be filled, the DC Department of Human Services will host a hiring event on August 11 and 12.

Congressional Committee to Hold Hearing with Gun Manufacturers Amid Rising Gun Violence



Senate Poised to Confirm Marines’ First Black Four-Star General







                Our House DC: One Year Later

Our House D.C. opened dialogue and provided critical resources to readers that assisted homeowners, their communities, and local government agencies in practical solutions to a myriad of housing concerns.

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A Retiree’s Guide to Choosing Part-Time Work

Although retirement is a goal for most people, it doesn’t come without challenges. Once you’ve left the workplace, you might feel more socially isolated and disconnected from mental stimulation. You may also notice that you’re not as physically active since sitting at home is your only “required” activity!Read



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