Author: Sam Ricketts           Published: 7/3/2021        Evergreen Action




A few senators and the White House have struck a “bipartisan” infrastructure deal, and it completely fails to meet the moment on climate. In fact, it is not a climate bill at all. But here’s the good news: Congressional leadership has now committed to a reconciliation bill that could very well have strong climate provisions.

Click here to call your senators and demand they include bold climate investments in the next budget reconciliation bill—and read on to learn how the bipartisan infrastructure deal falls short.


Here are five ways the bipartisan infrastructure deal doesn’t live up to the climate agenda Biden campaigned and won on:

  1. The bipartisan deal makes zero investments in the transition to 100% clean electricity. Biden’s American Jobs Plan would have invested $359 billion in it.
  2. The deal’s investment in electric vehicles and EV infrastructure is a measly 9% of what was included in the American Jobs Plan.
  3. The deal does not deliver for frontline environmental justice communities, even though President Biden committed to directing at least 40% of the benefits from climate investments directly to them.
  4. The bipartisan deal also fails to invest in clean buildings, including nothing for electrifying homes and commercial buildings.
  5. The bipartisan deal leaves the Civilian Climate Corps off the table entirely, even though it’s one of the most popular pieces of the American Jobs Plan.

We’re keeping our eyes on the prize and the pressure on. Congress has one more shot at passing bold climate investments with a budget reconciliation bill this summer, and more and more members of Congress are saying “no climate, no deal.” So let’s raise our voices right now!

Call your senators to demand they support major climate investments in the next reconciliation bill. (The script is as easy as that.) Click here to find their phone number and take one minute to make the call! (You can also call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121, and they’ll connect you directly to your senator.)


Sam Ricketts
Co-Founder, Evergreen Action