These are Maryland's Clean Energy Voters

Maryland voters are speaking up for their future. WATCH this inspiring video — then sign the pledge to be a clean energy voter today!

Posted by CCAN Action Fund on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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Quick thing number three: Sign the “Clean Energy Voter” pledge. It will help us show Maryland candidates just how many voters like you demand clean energy. 

The elections are really heating up in Maryland. From your local elections to the gubernatorial race, voting this fall is going to be more important than ever.

And now, YOU have the opportunity to let your candidates know what you care about most: a clean, healthy, livable future for everyone in Maryland.

The elections have never been more important. Here in Maryland, we’re currently facing an onslaught of fracked-gas pipelines and compressor stations and more. If we sit idly by, Maryland could become locked into fossil fuel infrastructure for decades.

We don’t want that to happen. We need clean, renewable energy to replace our outdated fossil fuel economy. We need to push for more wind and solar instead, like by passing the Clean Energy Jobs Act next year. 

Watch the “Clean Energy Voter” video, then take the pledge to be a “Clean Energy Voter.” As the elections continue to heat up, we’ll deliver the “Clean Energy Voter” pledge to Maryland’s candidates for state legislature and governor. It’s time to let our leaders know: We believe in a clean energy future for Maryland.

The Clean Energy Jobs Act would double wind and solar in Maryland while investing in workforce development and keeping rates low. It is the best way to get to a future powered by 100% renewable energy in a way that is just and equitable. Have questions about the policy? Listen to a recording of our call with wind and solar experts explaining the bill here.

After the devastating floods in Ellicott City, it’s never been more important to move quickly toward clean energy. Make your voice heard. Sign the “Clean Energy Voter” pledge today.

For a clean energy future, 

Mike Tidwell
Executive Director
Chesapeake Climate Action Network