Author: Sandra Adong      Published: 8/8/2023  

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Sandra Adong – Legal and Project Finance Partner

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Washington, District of Columbia, United StatesLegal and Project Finance PartnerHafniaWind
I have extensive experience as an international project finance attorney in the World Bank Legal Vice Presidency,Standard Bank and other corporate clients …
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 – 8 months

Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Kylla means yes in Finnish. As part of the Kylla team, I mainly focus on the Africa and USA portfolio. Our team at Kylla is a dynamic team of venture capital and private equity professionals whose main mission and objective is the success of our clients. We provide capital for expansions, acquisitions, recapitalizations and management buyouts.

I focused on international project finance. Handled a wide array of large infrastructure projects globally in energy, mining, as well as oil and gas. I drafted and negotiated legal documentation for financing operations, advised management on legal issues related to the Bank’s operations, and analyzed laws to ensure compliance by the Bank and its clients in its lending transactions.

Legal Manager Securities, Credit Department

Standard Bank Group

 – 2 years 10 months

I have managed a large portfolio of loan transactions and concluded all lending transactions with borrowers, advised on bank instruments used as funding collateral, advised on asset- backed, mortgage-backed, structured finance and subordinated loan transactions. Advised on regulatory compliance.