Author: Sheryl E. Ponds BSME, MBA  Published: 8/31/2021         Dia TechCorp

Cost Savings on EVCS Infrastructure

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Everyone is not mentally ready for EV adoption. Driving EV makes sense to a lot of people, BUT they will not take the next step, because they suffer from Range Anxiety (RA) – the fear of getting stuck on the road without an outlet to charge an electric vehicle.

I totally understand it. I too struggle with Range Anxiety. Sensing and later confirming that there are many individuals like myself, who require greater access to EV charging stations, before purchasing their first EV, I launched Dai Technologies Corporation. Why not? I figured that if this new era of automotive transportation is going to take hold in the Greater Washington Area (DMV), it might as well start with me.

Eventually, I pushed in ALL my chips to build a company. My aim is to make it practical for the average driver (someone like me) from an urban and/or underserved market to switch from a car fueled by dinosaur juice to one energized with electricity.

DaiTechCorp meets DMV EV drivers’ needs through our knack for establishing tailor-made, turnkey plug-in vehicle charging programs for places where they live, work, or play.

Let’s write our EV Adoption story together. Reach out to me, I’d love to help you stare down RA!

Sheryl P.