DC SUN expands access to solar by educating District residents about the benefits of distributed solar energy, helping them organize group solar installations, and strengthening D.C.’s solar policies and its community of solar supporters.

Check out this video on our history and how we advocate for solar in the District:

We provide impartial information about solar energy to help D.C. residents understand how they can use it to power their homes. We hold public information sessions across the District to educate the public about solar technology. We help manage a 1000+-person listserv to answer questions D.C. residents have about solar.

DC SUN has helped hundreds of District residents go solar. We work with communities to develop solar co-ops that lower the cost and simplify the process of going solar. DC SUN provides co-op members with technical assistance to ensure they are satisfied with their solar purchase.

We mobilize D.C.’s community of solar supporters to fight for fair policies so all D.C. residents can benefit from solar energy. Our neighborhood co-ops strengthen the D.C.’s solar market by providing installers with a pool of good customers while empowerig a broad base of support for solar across the District.

Our coops have members of all ages!

Our co-ops have members of all ages!

Read more about our governance and structure.

DC SUN started out as independent neighborhood groups that now operate under the umbrella of DC SUN. Learn more about ourneighborhood groups.

We are a project of Community Power Network (CPN). Check out CPN’s site for more information on starting a community renewables project.

Our parent organization, Community Power Network (CPN), runs solar programs in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Check them out to learn more and take your community solar!