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Today in Our House DC
Welcome to the May issue of the Our House D.C. Newsletter!
In this edition, our feature story is written by Rosalind Strickland, President of Rosalind Strickland Interior Design LLC and a Certified Senior Interior Safety Specialist. In her story, Home is Where the Heart Is, she explores how “Living safely at home as a senior can be a reality with a few simple modifications” and examines important topics such as “Building Self-Confidence by Maintaining Independence.”
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Kindly note that if you have any Black homeownership story ideas for the remainder of the year, please email me at
If you have any Black homeownership story ideas, please email me at
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Austin R. Cooper, Jr., Managing Editor
Maintenance-free, elegant guardrails to grace the entrance to a suburban home. (Courtesy Photo, Rosalind Strickland)
Feature Story
Home is Where The Heart Is
How To Keep Seniors Safe At Home
By Rosalind Strickland, Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist
WI Contributor
“Home is Where the Heart is,” so sang Elvis Presley without even realizing that as people age, many want to remain living in their own homes as long as possible.
Not only is this often more affordable than moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility, but it also provides seniors with a sense of independence and comfort, familiar surroundings, and access to the services they need.
However, living at home as an older adult can present unique challenges, such as mobility limitations, vision or hearing impairment, and increased risk of falls.
But with a few modifications, seniors can continue to live safely at home and enjoy their golden years.
Our House D.C. Stories
The owners at 1262 Talbert SE are tired, angry, stressed, hurt and want justice. On Wednesday, May 24, at 1 p.m., many of the 46 displaced Grandview Condominium owners will hold a protest rally to ensure their voices are heard.
The Capital Area Asset Builders announced on May 10 that $50,000 has been received from The Bank of America Charitable Foundation for its work in seeking to close the District’s racial wealth gap.
The proliferation of rodents in the District has residents concerned but a city official and expert says the problem is manageable with proper maintenance techniques and practices.
Three current and former IRS employees say that the agency has quietly built a prototype system to let Americans file their tax returns digitally and for free.
Many are concerned about the future of banking for African Americans and where they keep their money considering the impending debt limit crisis that threatens America’s fiscal status globally and the failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Signature, and First Republic banks.
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The DC Home Developer Selection Process, by Barrington Salmon, WI Contributor
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Advantages of an FHA Home Loan
The FHA loan is the most popular government-backed home loan in the country. These low down payment loans are made by qualified lenders and guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).
FHA loans require just a 3.5% down payment for borrowers with a 580 credit score or higher. For homebuyers with less-than-perfect credit, FHA loans offer additional significant benefits. The government backing means average FHA interest rates are typically lower than average rates for conventional mortgages.†
Borrowers with credit scores as low as 500 can qualify for an FHA loan with a 10% down payment. Guidelines and policies will vary by lender.
This historic home loan program continues to open the door to homeownership for millions of Americans who might struggle to secure conventional financing.
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