Author: WIF Staff    II/28/2023    Washington Informer News

Good day! Today’s newsletter covers the life and legacy of Baba Oduno A. Tarik, the impact of climate change on homeownership, holiday events at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and Delegate Nick Charles’ appointment to fill a Senate seat in Maryland’s 25th District.

D.C.’s black community mourns the loss of Baba Oduno A. Tarik, a race man and UNIA-ACL leader

Baba Oduno A. Tarik, a prominent Garveyite, master teacher and horticulturist who died on Nov. 22 at the age of 76, is being celebrated by Black people of various political, religious and cultural backgrounds for his impact on their lives. Tarik maintained a significant presence in the D.C. metropolitan area for nearly 60 years among Nationalists, Pan-Africanists, Christians, Muslims, African spiritualists and Rastafari brethren and sistren.