The Trump administration wants to require electric grid operators to buy power from older coal and nuclear power plants. This could cost us an average of $500 more per year in energy bills and make it harder to go solar.

This move would drive up monthly costs for ratepayers by as much as $35 billion per year. Another estimate pegs the per customer costs of the plan at about $500 per year.

This intervention into the energy market has generated heated opposition from all circles; from libertarians, conservatives, and consumer and environmental protection advocates, to natural gas and oil interests like the American Petroleum Institute.

The costs for solar and other renewable energy sources have declined to point where coal and nuclear are having a hard time competing. Instead of letting the market decide, the administration is trying to interfere with the on-going market transformation towards cleaner, more affordable energy.

Propping up failing energy companies is unwarranted and reckless public policy, and that electricity customers should be able to determine how the power we pay for is generated.

If you agree, please send a message to President Trump and Energy Secretary Rick Perry to tell them that you oppose making taxpayers and electricity customers bailout coal and nuclear power plants.