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 Dufsar Energy

Dufsar Energy LLC is an innovative renewable energy company that designs and manufactures high quality, technologically advanced, highly efficient, and affordable products for customers around the world. We develop products that are suitable for specific markets and needs.

According to the World Energy Outlook, more than 1.3 billion people live without access to electricity. Lack of electricity access in developing countries is a major challenge many have tried to address through the use of solar power. However, most of the solar energy solutions proposed to date are unreliable, provide insufficient power to substantially improve people’s standards of living, and are not affordable to the majority of those who live without electricity.

  1. A 10 fold increase in battery life – from an average of 1 year for existing products to 10 years for our product
  2. The development one of the most efficient LED light bulbs on the market
  3. Over 90% energy storage efficiency compared to 50-60% for other products

Dufsar Energy’s technological innovations have resulted in a Solar Home System product that has a much lower life time cost than any other comparable product on the market.