Author: DCPSC Published: 4/25/2019


The DCPSC approved in part Pepco’s Application for a Transportation Electrification (TE) Program (Formal Case No. 1130, Order No. 19898).  The DCPSC allowed Pepco to deploy infrastructure to support 55 public electric vehicle (EV)  charging stations and additional infrastructure to support the charging of electric taxis, rideshare vehicles, and buses. This action fosters the expansion of a competitive EV charging market in the District, and helps to achieve the District’s clean energy plan and climate change commitments.
Additionally, the Order includes approval for the rollout of a Residential Time-of-Use rate for home EV charging, which will encourage the charging of EVs at off-peak hours — a critical element of any successful TE  initiative.
The DCPSC will monitor these programs, as they are implemented, and study the effects of TE on the electric grid as the EV market expands.