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Tesla had the two best-selling vehicles in California! That’s right, not just EVs but all vehicles sold in the golden state through June 2023. Tesla sold 41,718 units of the Model 3 and another 74,765 Model Y vehicles in the first six months of 2023, according to the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA.)

Tesla is also beating Toyota’s Camry and RAV4 in California. The Japanese automaker sold only 27,169 Camry and 26,032 RAV4s through June 2023. Moreover, EVS make up 21% of the California auto market through June, see graphic. california auto market

Last week, GM’s Mary Barra announced that the affordable Chevy Bolt is returning via the new Ultium battery platform at some point. GM said it was canceling the company’s leading EV earlier this year due to profitability issues.

On this topic, the EVA pushed back on GM and the Detroit automakers in a Fast Company article on keeping EVs affordable in July and questioned GM’s decision to cancel the affordable Chevy Bolt. EVA members made their voices heard by writing to GM on this topic and social media channels. Barra said she listened to these opinions in the latest earnings call. Thank you to all, and now we wait!

Opportunity Charging for Rental and Condo Owners
There’s been an uptick by retail operators adding high-speed charging stations to parking lots, which can help condo owners and renters find opportunity charging daily. This retail trend is a big deal since these recent installations are averaging more than 72kW and help EV owners find needed charging during their daily routines and receive a sizable charge session quickly.

  • The grocery chain WinCo Foods recently added 35 fast chargers at 44 stalls in Edmonds, Washington. The newest charging station includes a 350kW charger, which can charge two vehicles simultaneously, and two 100kW chargers.
  • LA Fitness is adding 165 EV charging stations at its 23 California, Oregon, and Washington clubs, with 40 boasting power capacities exceeding 75 kW.

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Elaine Borseth,
President, Electric Vehicle Association


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