Author: ChargePoint  Staff    Published: 11/16/2023    ChargePoint 


EV charging at work

Tools to help assess your property for workplace EV charging

Thank you for your interest in our recent workplace webinar, “EV charging: the new workplace requirement,” featuring speakers from CALSTART’s Charge@Work program and CBRE.

Charge@Work helps workplaces, employees, public officials and community leaders plan and implement workplace EV charging programs.

Ready to get charging? Use the free Charge@Work Project Builder to design a custom EV charging site, based on your specific needs. This virtual tool guides you through choosing a charging solution, working with your utility and local contractors, estimating costs and much more.

Need additional insights into EV charging sentiment and impact at the workplace? Check out CBRE’s Spring 2023 Office Occupier Sentiment Survey and the ChargePoint workplace solutions page.

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