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Dear Ronald,
We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. For many during the coronavirus crisis there are added hardships, such as losing a job. Leaders in Energy has always been committed to growing our network of sustainability leaders and wishes to invite you to a Green Career webinar series starting April 28th.
Green Jobs Network is launching a series of free webinars to assist job seekers during these challenging times. The first webinar is being produced with Leaders in Energy and is called Navigating Your Way to A Green Career.
This one-hour program will identify green job opportunities that you can pivot into and provide timely and actionable career advice for current and aspiring leaders who are seeking to step forward into a role in the green economy. It will feature presentations by Janine Finnell, Executive Director of Leaders in Energy and Green Career Coach Beth Offenbacker, PhD, with Waterford, Inc.
Date: April 28th
Time: 11AM Pacific Time – 2PM Eastern Time
Hosts: Green Jobs Network
In these times when we have been hearing about the loss of clean energy jobs (100,000 in March), it is heartening to see an abundance of green job openings (learn more further below) Thanks to our newsletter editor, Kyle Saukas, for tracking down these opportunities to let our community know about them.
In recognition of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd, the Earth Day Network has three ways you can participate with 24 hours of action. Learn more under Events.
Check out a number of thought-provoking articles in our Blog and Bookmarked sections. John Elkington, one of the pioneers of the sustainability movement, has a new book out titled “Green Swans: The Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism.” Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s “Black Swans” book identified problems that take us exponentially toward breakdown; “Green Swans” proposes solutions that take us exponentially toward breakthrough. The success–and survival–of humanity now depends on how we rein in the first and accelerate the second.
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Public Forum
TEDx Talk & Grant Proposal on
Transitioning to a “Life-Affirming Global Culture”
(with Be the Change-Australia)
Leaders in Energy’s Executive Director, Janine Finnell, and Messaging Communications Specialist, Carol McCaffrey, recently collaborated with Andrew Gaines at Be The Change Australia, to help him hone his proposal for a grant from the Roddenberry Foundation. The grant project proposal is titled “Kitchen Table Conversations: Thinking That Will Change the World.”
Andrew is the creator of Be the Change’s Inspiring Transition Initiative – an innovative, citizen-led educational movement designed to inspire mainstream commitment in transitioning to a ‘life-affirming global culture’, one that ensures the well-being of coming generations of humans and all life forms. He developed the interactive communication tool, Kitchen Table Conversations (KTC), which helps stimulate people to think realistically and comprehensively about how to transition to this new global culture. Citizen-educators and “evolutionary activists” can use the KTC tool to bring this conversation to many others.
KTC uses physical markers and digital tools to help people keep track of, and evolve, the conversation. Through this exploration, people connect the dots and see how the operation of society, as a whole, works as a system that drives ecological decline. They become prepared to support leadership for large-scale transformative change because they see why it’s needed. In addition, they can exert transformative leadership themselves within their sphere of influence.
Learn more by watching Andrew Gaines’ compelling and entertaining TEDx talk, given in Melbourne, Australia here.
Green Jobs Openings
Have a job opening you wish to share with Leaders in Energy? Forward a link and contact information to
President, Galapagos Conservancy
Community Organizer, Center for Science in the Public Interest
State Operations Regional Manager, Climate Action Campaign
Data Analytics Manager, Climate Action Campaign
Government Affairs Director, Climate Action Campaign
Multiple jobs, Climate War Room
Multiple jobs, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Analyst in Environmental Policy, Congressional Research Service
Database Associate, League of Conservation Voters
Social Media Manager, Corporation for National and Community Service
VP, Public Policy and Advocacy, World Food Program USA
Leaders in Energy Events & Programs
See the following events and meetings listed below. If you have any ideas that you would like to propose for a Leaders in Energy event, program, or project, please contact us at
Leaders in Energy Circular Economy Working Group
April 29th
Other Events & Programs
Earth Day 2020
April 22nd
In recognition of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd, The Earth Day Network has three ways you can participate with 24 hours of action, a global digital surge, and a full day of livestreamed content with Earth Day Live. Learn more at
Earth Optimism Summit
April 22nd-26th
An Energy Jobs Coalition
April 22nd
A webinar hosted by the Our Energy Policy Foundation featuring former Secretary of the DOE Ernest Moniz about his proposal for an energy jobs stimulus to help in the COVID-19 economic recovery.
Uniting from Home | Virtual CCL Earth Day Event w/ Dr. Hayhoe
April 25th
New & Recent Blogs
If you would like to write an article for our blog, please contact Miriam Aczel at: Visit our website to see even more great blogs!
By: Andrea Germanos
“The blueprint from the Bureau of Land Management threatens to derail the state’s goal for slashing carbon emissions while furthering endangering wildlife and ecosystems.”
If you have an article that is published or have recommendations on content that is relevant to our community, please share with Kyle Saukas at:
Drawing on first-hand experience from boardrooms around the world, and our Inquiry findings, this book examines wicked problems and the ‘ugly ducklings’ of today that have the potential to become tomorrow’s world-saving Green Swans.
Microsoft sets new land conservation goals.
Shell sets new carbon emissions goals for 2050.
A new alliance of ministers, chief executive officers and researchers urged the European Union to build its recovery package after the coronavirus crisis around the Green Deal strategy of sustainable growth.
Roland Kupers is a consultant on complexity, resilience, and the energy transition, as well as serving as a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of Amsterdam. His new book suggests a whole-systems approach to climate mitigation, prompting readers to look at solutions through the frame of complex systems.
Three pieces of analysis suggest trouble for the growth of low-carbon energy sectors, as we continue gauging the ongoing effects from the coronavirus pandemic.
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Janine Finnell
Executive Director
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