Halorion Lighting and Security Systems, Inc. (HLSS) has created a new concept in lighting and security solutions unequalled in the market today. Our pioneering, innovative efforts have produced a truly unique concept for providing brilliant lighting and security in one housing that will revolutionize the lighting and security industries.

The Halorion ® system virtually turns night into day and allows video surveillance to be maintained over specifically targeted areas of interest on a 24/7/365 basis. Patented solutions provide clear, brilliant, and radiant light exceeding illumination capabilities of conventional lighting systems and covering a much greater area.

Rated at more than 50,000 hours (11+ years of average service), systems withHalorion ® technology provide bright, clear light. Illumination, surveillance, tracking, recording, and archiving integrated seamlessly in an energy-efficient package.


Halorion ® lighting solutions provide brilliant and radiant light exceeding illumination of conventional lighting systems, with better coverage and well-defined patterns.

StreetLightER and BoxLightER series luminaries provide brilliant roadway, area and high-bay lighting. The HALO and ORION series add full illumination of commercial buildings, service structures, and residences.

Trusted Halorion ® Distributors and Implementers stand ready to assist with all stages of a successful illumination or monitoring project.


Halorion ® surveillance components easily integrate into each system design. Access your video securely from anywhere in the world. The luminary design allows for illumination and easily accommodates commercial-off-the-shelf security cameras. Modular housing designs can accept smaller day/night capable cameras or larger high-speed infrared network camera systems, viewable remotely with complete security.

VideoEditions (VE) and SpecialEditions (SE) cost about half as much as the average cost of a single commercial camera installation. Low voltage systems are safer and easier to maintain, without the risks of hazardous voltages or materials

Energy & Environment

Halorion ® technology is clean, cool, and extremely cost-effective, with energy savings of more than 60%. Economical Solar Power is also available for even greater savings!

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