Author: West Monroe                     Published: 11/26/19                   Utility Dive

2019 Industry Research Report: How Utilities Can Win the War for Talent

Custom content for West Monroe Partners by Utility Dive’s Brand Studio

Today’s utilities are facing numerous challenges to attract and retain the talent they need for the future. According to West Monroe Partners and Utility Dive Brand Studio’s 2019 Industry Survey Report, a mere 6% of leaders believe their utility is performing “excellently” at recruiting young technical talent. The report also states that nearly half of leaders (48%) fear that their recruiting may not be enough to meet future needs.

Our new survey report provides an overview of the eye-opening discoveries we found, and what it means for utility companies that want to get ahead of the competition.

Read this report to learn more about:

  • Opportunities to attract young employees
  • How utility executives prioritize the employee experience
  • Shifting a utility’s workplace culture to one that attracts and retain the talent they need to achieve transformation goals


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