Published: April 12, 2019 Updated May 8, 2019

Updated May 8: This post was updated to reflect the governor signing the bill into law.

Dive Brief:

  • Gov. Jay Inslee, D, on Tuesday signed Washington state’s 100% clean energy bill, making it the fourth state in the country to commit to such a goal.
  • Senate Bill 5116 passed the House 56-42 without bipartisan support in April, and will require the state to power 100% of its electricity from carbon-free resources by 2045. The legislation phases out coal entirely by 2025 and requires all electricity sales to be carbon-neutral by 2030.
  • Inslee released a clean energy legislative package in December, which included five policy goals to reduce the state’s carbon emissions, including the 2045 and 2025 goals in the bill.