Author: Staff of Initiative for Every Justice       Published: 6/6/2021              IEJ 

What can we each do to advance equity and justice in our field of work? The Justice in 100 Scorecard answers this question specifically in the context of renewable energy standards, a policy framework now central to the transition to renewable energy. We offer this scorecard to evaluate equity in state and territory 100% laws for a few reasons:

  1. 100% laws are necessary (but not sufficient) for a just, transformative, and holistic transition to a regenerative economy;
  2. These laws vary a lot, particularly in terms of their successes and failures in advancing energy justice, and a tool for more consistent comparison and drawing lessons is valuable; and
  3. Advocates and policymakers need tools to design and implement 100% laws that truly foreground equity in the transition to renewables.

The Justice in 100 Scorecard is a rubric for evaluating 100%
laws passed by states and territories. In the summer of 2021, IEJ will release scores for 10 states and territories that have made 100% clean energy commitments.