published:  Nov 8, 2018

Introduction Date
Jul 10, 2018
Councilmembers Cheh, Allen, T. White, Nadeau, and Chairman Mendelson
Councilmembers Gray, R. White, and Grosso
Committee Referral
Committee on Transportation and the Environment and Committee on Business and Economic Development
Additional Information
BILL SUMMARY – As introduced, this bill increases the Renewable Portfolio Standard to 100% by 2032, establishes a solar energy standard post 2032, and establishes standards electricity suppliers must meet regarding purchasing a percentage of their energy from long-term purchase agreements with renewable generators. It removes restrictions on energy efficiency measures. It expands the uses of the Sustainable Energy Trust Fund and also establishes an energy performance standard program for buildings at the Department of Energy and Environment. Among other things, it authorizes the Mayor to commit the District to participation in regional programs with the purpose of limiting greenhouse gas emissions and requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue regulations tying the vehicle excise tax to fuel efficiency.

You can now Watch both videos on  the D.C. Council held the two public hearings on a historic bill to power the District with 100% renewable energy sources by 2032, including 5% from local solar.

You can watch October 9, 2018  video from the hearing

The October 29, 2018 hearing can be found here: