Author: Rev. Dr. Ambrose F. Carroll Sr.    Published: 5/9/2023      Green The Church

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Green The Church is launching a series sharing sermons and keynotes to inspire, empower, and inform the work of expanding the role of churches as catalysts for environmental and economic resilience.

This week, we share a powerful message from Rev. Dr. Frederick Douglass Haynes, III, Senior Pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church. Dr. Haynes is passionate leader, social activist, orator, and educator engaged in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and fighting against racial injustice. He gave the keynote address at a past Green The Church National Summit.

Watch and listen here to receive the spiritual and intellectual fuel to help continue in this crucial work.

Florida Black Community’s Progress Threatened by Proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Plant

Florida Black Community's Progress Threatened by Proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Plant
This week, Inside Climate News published a critically important story about a battle taking place in North Port St. Joe, Florida, one of the few predominately African American communities along the Gulf Coast where Black people own the land.

Community leaders have obtained grant funding to address the damages of environmental racism, and have plans in place for tourism, real estate, and even a Black history museum. Recently, however, they learned that elected officials have been working for years to develop a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant in the area without notifying them. LNG facilities release pollutants that are dangerous for human health, including particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, and carbon monoxide. In Port St. Joe, the plant would include on-site burning of pollutants. There would also be heavy ship traffic to and from the port, which would affect the fragile St. Joseph Bay.

North Port St. Joe’s Black community has halted all redevelopment plans so residents can focus on preventing the LNG plant’s construction. Read here to learn about the history of the community and the mounting opposition to the plant.

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