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Larry L. Gilmore, CMB, AMP

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Changing the Face of Wealth Providing Coaching, Credit, Capital & Custom Automation Solutions for Business and Real Estate Investors

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Your unique value proposition and market differentiator is in your Purpose. In Discovery our goal is to align your Purpose throughout your business strategy.

Mission, Vision & Core Principles

We go through a methodical process to incorporate your Purpose through your Mission, Vision and Core Principles which serve as your foundation.

Assess Your Current Market Position

To develop a sound strategy, it’s essential to have an objective understanding of your current market position. This includes assessing your product/s, process, people.

Short Term Pivot & Action Plan

Your company is full of untapped value and opportunity. We focus on developing an immediate plan to seize that opportunity with an immediate comprehensive action plan.

Long-Term Strategic Plan

For clients committed to long-term success, we facilitate developing your organization long-term strategy.

We’ll Deliver the Results for Long Term Success

Our team has significant marketing and communications, corporate, non-profit, technology and strategic planning experience committed to assisting organizations and individuals achieve their dreams. We apply this experience and relationships to assist clients identify their purpose, articulate that purpose through mission, vision and core principles that drive culture, objectively assess their current market position, to develop a comprehensive strategic action plan to exceed performance goals.




“The coaching that I received was hugely successful. I would highly recommend coaching sessions. I guarantee, your business will operate at a level you didn’t think possible!!”


  “ClearVision provided clarity, accountability and direction in my business and personally. Their wholistic approach allowed me to identify and address my own obstacles and how to get out of my own way..”

“I appreciate ClearVision’s commitment to extraordinary customer service. They are always courteous, friendly and go out of the way. They really let us know our business is priority.”


“I had hired several coaches and decided to fire the rest and just work exclusively with ClearVision. I’m very glad I did! They bridged both personal and professional goals.”

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Hard-working and knowledgeable business advisors and lending officers benefit from working with ClearBlu Capital Group and are core to our continued success. Through our competitive referral and advisor program we provide financial rewards to productive, self-motivated and friendly professionals. If you’re ready for a career opportunity that offers assistance in processing transactions and closing your deals, apply now to determine how we can help you soar. Individuals working in the financial and real estate industries at all levels with a track record of relationship management and sales are ideal candidates.

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