Author:  Montgomery County Green Bank Published June 12, 2019

In our March 2019 edition, we reported—with excitement—on the then-pending Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act (SB0516/HB1158). We’re thrilled to report that State General Assembly passed this important legislation and it has gone into law! The Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act updates the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), which currently requires 25% renewable energy by 2020, to require that half of Maryland’s energy come from clean resources by 2030. The bill will mean a boost for solar, wind, and other renewables, but may also affect rates and energy costs. Read the analysis at WAMU.

In addition, the General Assembly extended the Community Solar Pilot program until 2024, which will provide more time to design and implement projects.

We expect these combined actions to significantly increase both demand for renewable energy and the overall supply of clean energy available to meet Maryland’s needs, as well as boost interest and demand in Montgomery County. Great news!