September 22, 2017
by Toby Sun
“As a U.S. based company, LimeBike is proud to bring another sustainable, affordable transportation option to our nation’s capital. We look forward to seeing all the ways we can continue to work to improve urban mobility and transportation for all of D.C.”
— LimeBike CEO & Co-founder, Toby Sun
What a week it has been… LimeBike has officially launched in Washington DC, making this this our 9th city launch!

Use promo code HELLODC and receive free rides until end of September 2017.

PAYMENT: LimeBike’s rides cost just $1.00, or 50 cents for students, per 30-minute time block. LimeBike is the first dockless bike share to offer a cash program, which allows riders to unlock their rides in their preferred method of payment.

HOW TO LIME: Bikes are GPS and 3G-enabled, making it simple for riders to find, unlock and pick up a nearby bike using the iOS or Android smartphone app. When the ride is finished, riders simply lock the bike’s back wheel and responsibly park between the pedestrian-designated sidewalk and the street curb, or at a bike rack. For more details, you can visit our How To Lime page or FAQ.

WHY LIMEBIKE: The dockless network makes it easier for D.C. residents and visitors to explore the whole city on two wheels.

Since our launch, LimeBike has provided nearly 350,000 rides to more than 200,000 riders. This has saved over 120,000 pounds of CO2, the equivalent of over 6,200 gallons of gasoline- all in 17 markets. By embracing sustainable transportation options like LimeBike, D.C. is paving the way for other cities to adopt bike sharing programs. By collaborating with local government, we are leading the urban mobility movement.

“LimeBike imagines its bikes as a complement or alternative to the existing transportation system.” – DCist

“The next-most ubiquitous arrival, bright green LimeBikes with their yellow fenders and chain guards, certainly stand out. Upping the safety game, LimeBikes’ airless tires feature reflective sidewalls, and they sport front and rear LEDs that run off a generator hub in the front wheel. We loved the swept-back handlebar that allowed for a relaxed, upright riding position.” – The Washington Post

“This company, which claims to be the fastest growing dockless US-based bikeshare company, differentiates itself from the pack by partnering with colleges and local businesses in order to provide subsidy-free services.” – DC Curbed