Author: DC Chamber of Commerce      Published: 5/18/2020    DC Chaber of Commerce

Mayor Bowser Releases FY 2021 Proposed Budget And Financial Plan
During today’s Mayoral Press Conference, Mayor Bowser announced the release of the proposed Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21) Budget and Financial Plan and revised FY 2020 Supplemental Budget to the Council of the District of Columbia as part of the District’s annual budget process. Due to the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Mayor’s budget for FY20 had to fill approximately $720m in shortfalls and fill approximately $773m for FY21. To do so, the Mayor has utilized a variety of methods to realizing additional savings including reduced spending, utilized stabilization reserves, tapping resources from the HPTF, and reversed the plan to pay off the bonds of the baseball stadium 10 years early from 2025 to 2035. For more information about the District’s proposed budget or to view the full budget proposal, visit
The DC Council has revised the budget oversight hearing schedule which is included below for your review and records. The new date for the Mayor to present the proposed budget testimony to DC Council is now set for May 19, 2020.
Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, this year, the DC Council will be conducting its work remotely, including, but not limited to, the use of teleconferencing platforms to hold public budget hearings. As such, the Mayor’s testimony on the budget will take place via a virtual meeting platform on Tuesday, May 19, 2020, at 12noon (or following the legislative meeting) and also broadcast live.The public will be able to watch the presentation on Council Channel 13 (Cable Television Providers); DC Council Website (; or Office of Cable Television Website (