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solar balcony

Owning your own home can use solar energy in an easy way: Install a solar panel system on your roof, saving money and protecting the environment. But for people who live in rental houses or apartments, using photovoltaic solar power is not so convenient. But don’t worry! Even without your own roof, you can still benefit from solar power now. You can install a small solar system on your balcony railing to provide electricity for everyday household appliances.

Here share with you the new solution solar balcony,here share with you,

1. Users can easily plug their balcony solar system into a wall outlet and start generating electricity.No need for expensive
professional panel design and assessment. Complex installations are a thing of the past with plug-in solar devices.

2. Even better, balcony solar panels don’t require registration with the operator, unlike traditional roof or ground-mounted systems.
Normally, when you connect your solar panels to the main grid, you have to report to the operator.

3. Ideal for covering the main load through the day in your home,

4. Works with your balcony power socket and comes in sustainable packaging.

5. Lightweight solar panels, safe to use on higher buildings.

6. Optional 400Watt/600Watt/800Watt power system and with battery energy storage system tailored to your specific request.


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