Author: Denise Fairchild Published March 6,2019


Key Findings:

  • Job Growth exceeds Nat’l GDP: – The traditional energy and energy efficiency sectors continued to outperform the economy as a whole, creating 7 percent of all new jobs nationwide.
  • In the Fuels industry overall, oil and gas production added the most new jobs in the traditional energy sectors.
  • Energy Efficiency jobs exceeded jobs in all other energy sector -: In 2018 the Energy Efficiency sector continued to produce the most new jobs of any energy sector and employers report a projected growth rate of 8% in 2019
  • Severe shortage in skilled workers continues at all levels of the industry: – Hiring difficulty was highlighted by virtually all sectors – 3 in 10 employers noted difficulty in hiring.
  • Diversity remains a challenge: – Women in these sectors ranged from 23 to 33 percent compared to the overall economy where women make up 47%