All-New Nissan LEAF® World’s Best-Selling Electric Car – 100% Electric

$5000 Special Rebate  for eligible customers in selected states Connecticut,Delaware,Maine,Maryland,Massachusetts,New Hampshire,New Jersey,New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Proof of Eligibility Required.

Must be present to the participating  Nissan dealer with the following proofs of eligibility:

  1. Proof of current employment at Potomac Electric Power or a copy of your current utility bill from PEPCO
  2. A copy of both sides of this flyer
  3. This limited time offer expires 9/ 30/ 2018.

Want to join us in making a difference?
As part of our effort to accelerate clean transportation alternatives throughout the United
States, Nissan North America, Inc. is offering eligible employees and customers of Pepco a
special opportunity to purchase the all new, 100% electric, 2018 Nissan LEAF®. With each
purchase, customers will receive a $5,000 rebate off MSRP, plus a potential federal tax
incentive of up to $7,500.2 State incentives may also be available.

How do you receive this great incentive?

Simply show a copy of your utility bill and this flyer at your participating Nissan dealership
to receive a $5,000 rebate (off MSRP) on a new 2018 Nissan LEAF®3. This limited time
offer expires 9/ 30/ 2018.

Fleet Certification Code:
*See your local participating Nissan Deale