Author: MCGB Staff                    Published: 1/27/2021

Now Available:  Affordable Solar Financing Program for Small Businesses and Nonprofits in Montgomery County

No out-of-pocket funds, no loan, and low monthly payments offers a low-cost solar energy solution 

The Montgomery County Green Bank has launched a Commercial Solar Power Purchase Agreement financing program to offer small businesses and nonprofits an option to take advantage of solar energy to reduce operating costs.  The financing program supports installing solar PV at no out-of-pocket costs and at a monthly kWh price to help manage operating costs of the organization over the long-term.

And, for nonprofits, the Green Bank PPA program offers particular benefits not usually available to nonprofits for solar PV as Green Bank special capital and tax equity incentives allow for favorable pricing of the generated solar PV electricity.

See Press Release for Commercial Solar PPA here.

The Commercial Solar PPA financing program offers:

  • A product that supports solar arrays as small as 25 kW.
  • A no out-of-pocket, no loan approach for businesses to install solar PV on the property.
  • Options for monthly payments on the solar energy generated by the solar PV to help manage the operating costs for the organization for up to 20 years for the amount of energy generated by the panels and used by the organization.
Please contact the Montgomery County Green Bank at or call 240-453-9000 to learn more about the program.
The Green Bank now offers a broad portfolio of affordable renewable energy and energy efficiency financing options for commercial and residential property improvements. Its suite of products include the Clean Energy Advantage program for homeowners and the Commercial Loan for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy program, the  Small Business Energy Savings Support program, and the Commercial Solar PPA program for businesses.

The Montgomery County Green Bank is a publicly-chartered nonprofit dedicated to accelerating affordable energy efficiency and clean energy investment in Montgomery County, MD. We partner with the private sector to build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusively prosperous, resilient, sustainable, and healthy community. Our work supports Montgomery County’s goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Visit us at