Our Mission

The Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) advances policies and institutional actions that promote racial equity and shared prosperity for all in the growth of metropolitan Atlanta and the American South.

Since 2008, the Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE), an Atlanta-based nonprofit, has been advancing the cause of equity through a ecosystem-based model for multi-demographic engagement in the City of Atlanta and the surrounding metropolitan region – a bustling area emblematic of many Southern communities riven by racial, economic and class disparities.

Using its strength in its ability to connect, educate, and empower diverse individuals and organizations to encourage just, sustainable practices for shared prosperity, PSE has stood at the forefront of promoting balanced growth and shared prosperity throughout metropolitan Atlanta and the American South.

Focusing on three key areas: energy, growth and opportunity, PSE has developed strong partnerships, which have resulted in a series of successful policy initiatives that helped elevate and enable the communities we serve.

Dear Equity Leader:  

We invite you and other residents across Georgia to apply to be a part of the first Just Energy Academy (JEA). This seven (7) month leadership development program was created to educate the next generation of equity leaders on energy equity and climate justice issues. JEA is a competitive program for youth and adults who aspire to be energy equity leaders in their communities.

What is Energy Equity?

Against the backdrop of global climate change, “energy equity” translates into the fair distribution of benefits and burdens from energy production and consumption. The Partnership for Southern Equity works with its partners to educate and engage low-income communities and communities of color about the benefits and burdens associated with power generation in Georgia and across the southeast. While unfamiliar to many, these policies significantly impact household utility bills and negatively impact the overall quality of air, water and other natural resources that affect our health and well-being.

Program Specifics:

  • Participants: 15-20 diverse residents of Georgia
  • Age 17 and older; community, non-profit and environmental leaders who are engaged    

and active in their communities and have a vested interest in improving the overall

quality of their community.

  • Time Commitment: 7 months
  • Meet once a month: Seven sessions that meet on Saturday Full-Day (6-8 Hours). The opening session in February will include Friday Evening.
  • Example Schedule:
      • Session One: Friday February 15th 6:00 to 8:00 PM and Saturday, February 16th 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Core curriculum: racial equity, energy policy and planning, advocacy and

environmental justice, community organizing

  • Participants will also work on community projects with their respective community


The main topics addressed in each module will include:

  • Racial Equity, History of Energy and Climate Justice and PSE Equity Ecosystem
  • Energy Policy, Energy Planning and Decision-making
  • Environmental Justice
  • Advocating For Your Community and Community Organizing
  • Partnering and Leveraging Resources
  • Energy Action Planning
  • Looking Ahead: Energy Equity in 10 Years  
  • Energy Action Presentations and Graduation


Program Goals:

  • Understand racial equity, as well as the history and background of Black and Brown
  • people’s contributions to the energy and climate justice movements
  • Highlight PSE’s work in Georgia and the American South
  • Gain a basic understanding of environmental justice principles, concepts, and history
  • Identify the intersection of energy and impacts on health and well-being through the use of tools and other resources
  • Develop community leaders’ understanding of renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro)


Application schedule:  


Date Action Item
January 18, 2019 Application Deadline (see submission instructions below)
Application Review by Staff (Note: All applicants will not be interviewed, but staff reserve the right to interview or send questions to applicants and their references to clarify information submitted through the application or to narrow the pool of applicants)
Candidate Interviews
Selected Fellows Announced and All Applicants Notified.
Program Start Date


Submission instructions:


Applications can be received in one of the following ways: 1) in person at PSE office or PSE community event, 2) by mail, or 3) electronically. Deadline for application is January 18, 2019.

In person or U.S. mail:


The Partnership for Southern Equity

Attn: Just Energy Portfolio

100 Peachtree Street NW

The Equitable Building

Suite 1960

Atlanta, Georgia 30303


Electronic Submittal: Application packets must be emailed to info@psequity.org with the subject line – Just Energy Academy or submitted through this google form (preferred).


Below are the descriptive questions and requirements for the application. The online form can’t be saved and resumed once it is started so it may be helpful to prepare these answers prior to opening the online form.



  • Describe your community involvement.
  • Please provide a one-paragraph description of your vision for equity in your community:
  • Please discuss your ability to commit to the Just Energy Academy and what might hinder your commitment to attend the sessions?
  • Provide us with a brief synopsis of your story and how it relates to your interest in the Academy.
  • Describe your special skills and talents that you intend to contribute to the program.



Provide contact information for two references that could speak to your leadership potential (references can be personal or professional):


Reference Name Phone Email Address Relationship

You may also submit a résumé, curriculum vitae, or additional information that you feel is important to note when considering your application. Please limit your attachments to no more than three pages.




The Just Energy Academy is a volunteer leadership development opportunity provided by the the Partnership for Southern Equity.  It is also a competitive program. This means that if you are accepted, it is expected that you will commit to fully taking advantage of the opportunity that has been entrusted to you and will be accountable to your peers in the group for your participation.  You will be expected to attend all required training sessions and activities, with only two excused absences allowed. The group will discuss any obstacles that individuals may have to participation, such as child care or transportation, and consider whether it is possible to address those.  You will be provided with training and leadership development, networking opportunities and an opportunity to positively impact your community.


Questions?  Please contact –

Yuri Owens, Just Energy Portfolio Coordinator

Partnership for Southern Equity

P: (404) 454-0785