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January 23, 2024

Washington, DC — The Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition (GWRCCC) proudly congratulates Fairfax County Public Schools and Montgomery County Public Schools on being awarded the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean School Bus Grants. GWRCCC commends both school districts on their commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

Fairfax County Public Schools secured a $16,590,000 grant from the EPA for the acquisition of 42 electric school buses. Similarly, Montgomery County Public Schools achieved notable success, securing a $4,700,000 grant to fund 50 electric school buses. This investment will not only modernize their fleets but also contribute to the reduction of emissions and promote a healthier environment for students and the community.

GWRCCC is proud to have supported both school districts while continuing to be a regional and national leader in advocating for electric school bus initiatives. GWRCCC recently completed the Mid-Atlantic Electric School Bus Experience Project (MEEP) and was recently awarded funding with WRI on a new nation-wide electric school bus initiative.The coalition recognizes the importance of collaboration and collective efforts in advancing the cause of clean and green transportation. The success of these grant applications underscores the commitment of Fairfax County Public Schools and Montgomery County Public Schools to lead by example in adopting innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

“We are thrilled to see the recognition and support granted to Fairfax County Public Schools and Montgomery County Public Schools through the EPA Clean School Bus Grants,” said Antoine M. Thompson, CEO/Executive Director of the GWRCCC. “These investments will not only transform school transportation but also contribute significantly to our region’s efforts in reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality.”

GWRCCC remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting sustainable transportation solutions and congratulates both school districts on this well-deserved accomplishment. The coalition looks forward to continued collaboration and collective efforts to create a cleaner and more sustainable Greater Washington Region.




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