Author: Hip Hop Caucus               Published: 8/21/2020

Hip Hop Caucus

SIGN NOW: Stop drilling in the Arctic!

Target: Elected Officials

The Administration’s rush to sell-off the Arctic Refuge must be halted. Trump’s Department of the Interior is barreling forward with plans for destructive oil and gas exploration and drilling, disregarding the serious biological, cultural and climate impacts fossil fuel extraction will have in the rapidly-warming Arctic.

The American people were promised a robust, scientifically sound review process with public comment and full tribal consultation. But actions speak louder than words and the Trump administration is rushing headlong to lease the area at the expense of science and sound process.

Together, we are calling upon Congress to put an immediate stop to a selling of public resources that would result not just in devastation for the arctic, but have devastating warming effects on a Global climate which is becoming rapidly uninhabitable for the human race.


To: Elected Officials
From: Ronald Bethea

If Black Lives Matter, The Climate matters.
Stop the Trump Administration’s Trump’s Interior’s plan to Melt the Arctic and Destroy the Planet!