The Next Generation of Solar Products

SunTegra, formerly known as Integrated Solar Technology (IST), is a solar products company dedicated to developing and offering high-quality, innovative solar solutions that complement way we live and build and support a more sustainable and independent energy future.

The company was founded by Oliver Koehler, an industry veteran with over 15 years of experience including positions at BP Solar and SunPower. He believes in maximizing the potential of solar by advancing its design and functionality to better integrate into 21st century living and building.

Solar energy is increasingly becoming part of our every day lives and consumers want reliable, cost-effective solar solutions designed to integrate in an attractive manner with the design of their homes, gardens, community buildings and places of work. SunTegra’s goal is to provide these solutions.

SunTegra’s main product lines the SunTegra™ Solar Shingle and SunTegra Solar Tile Roof Systems – integrate with and replace sloped-roof roofing materials, providing homeowners, builders and businesses an attractive and cost-effective alternative to standard rack-mounted solar panels. SunTegra is currently expanding the sales of the SunTegra products in selected regions of the United States, Canada and Mexico.

SunTegra will also be introducing product lines for garden and patio spaces and for the sides and facades of commercial and community buildings.

Become a SunTegra Partner

Becoming a SunTegra Partner provides solar dealers, roofers, contractors and other trades the opportunity to offer customers an attractive, reliable, and cost-effective roof-integrated product, which will set them apart from conventional competitors, expand their available market, and become a player in a new and growing part of the solar market.

Market research shows that 3 out of 4 homeownersprefer an integrated system and are more likely to consider solar if one was available.

The SunTegra team is dedicated to working with select partners to make SunTegra products an integral part of the solar market and a successful part of your business!