Author: Gronius       Published:  Oct. 8, 2019   Utility Dive

What is the Smart Meter?

Are you facing feed-in limitations for a solar system, or would you like to monitor a house’s energy consumption? Fronius has you covered: Introducing the Fronius Smart Meter, a bidirectional energy meter. Thanks to high accuracy and fast communication via Modbus RTU, the meter is suitable for various applications, such as dynamic feed-in management. Together with Fronius Solar.web, the Fronius Smart Meter offers a detailed overview of energy consumption within a home or business. The Fronius Smart Meter is compatible with the Fronius Galvo, Fronius Primo, and Fronius Symo.

Solar web

Solar.web is a versatile tool for monitoring your PV system. To get the best yield from the sun, you need to know how your PV system is performing. Solar.web offers you the best support for this. View a live demo here.

Your energy detective

Find the hidden problems with sneaky house appliances in your household that are limiting your energy consumption success. With the installation of a Smart Meter, you can track how, when and where energy is being used. By addressing these hidden areas you can make solar more financially beneficial without overcompensating with extra components

Get quality data the utility company won’t provide

Why would utility companies give us data on how we use energy when they can simply charge it for us instead? With the smart meter you can now take back control of your energy consumption.

Prep your solar system for storage

We know that the future of renewable is dependent upon storage, however as the market currently stands PV battery systems are quite expensive. But hey, just because we can’t afford storage now doesn’t mean we can’t get ready for it! With a Smart Meter detective on the case, you can address blind spots in your energy consumption and make adjustments now. After you have taken back the control of your energy you can then add in a battery system to a more holistic approach, both financially and analytically. Find out more details about Smart Meter here.